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The CPA profession has definitely changed in the best way after many years and due to this, the CPA requirements have changed as well. The CPAs now are more than just traditional accountants. A lot would take operational leadership roles of various types and the others would move on in order to be part of such C level suite. So many are actually ending up in the boards of directors as well as the audit committees.

You need to have that CPA license if you are planning to practice public accounting, when you want to be a partner in such public accounting firm. You should have such CPA license so that you can perform auditing work and to offer attestation services. The two primary and the biggest service offerings of the public accounting firm. However, you must not worry about any CPA requirements if you would plan to work inside the public or such private organization.

Because of such, there are many companies which prefer their employees in financial and key accounting roles like the chief financial officer or controller to have an active CPA license. So when you are interested about holding that key position in the accounting firm or in any organization, then you must get that CPA license since this is the key credential that you should earn to make sure that you will have such ideal and also lucrative career.

The other lucrative careers wherein the CPA license is quite valuable are the management accounting, tax accounting, government accounting, mergers and acquisitions, internal auditing and consulting. Because of that growth in the global business landscape, those statistics show that there is really a shortage of CPAs but there are many students are pursuing such CPA career because of the different opportunities that are available in the long run.

The CPAs are being granted their licenses through every individual state’s Board of Accountancy. For such reason, the CPA license requirements may vary from one state to the other. There are many similarities between the states due to the reason that every state has to comply with the Uniform Accountancy Act.

When it comes to educational requirements, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree that has 150 hours of education. If you have such, then you could now prepare the requirements for the CPA exam. You would like to take that CPA course in order to prepare for one of the most challenging and the biggest professional exams which exist.

Such CPA exam is one pencil and paper exam in which you need to take all the four parts. Just think of the form of preparation and also the psychological standpoint. Nowadays, you may take the Prometric CPA exam that is a uniform exam and may be taken at one of the testing locations at your convenience when you are prepared.

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