The human mind is full of creativity if you allow to give yourself an opportunity to make your mind work and to brainstorm with day to day activities and views. Writers work in various roles and industries, from print publishing to medical and technical manual writing.

A novel is book that contains one long story with conflicts inside, some may be romantic in nature, biography and representation of real life events that have occurred to a person, a country or a personal experience.

Due to the emergence of technology, online writing has taken over the modern world, this makes work easier for newspaper editors to post various different post and also to enhance efficiency of completing jobs in time.

Some of the companies of writing are British based companies due to the broad and famous writing skills in the English language.

Some of the writing companies are family owned where traditional writers and poets due to the fame, the artists came up with family names where the brands of the names were created to give way for the business success.

The internet has plenty of literature and content that will help you as the writer and author to develop and improve your skills.

As a writer you should be very efficient in your language and grammar, where the levels of confidence with your skills and abilities is high when you take a particular subject to write on.

When you are a freelancer writer you can have a very easy life, your life can be very rewarding depending on your motivation and determination to completing your work on time.

Web writers function similarly with freelance writing on magazines and articles, the only difference is that web based writer become responsible on uploading content online into a web based system.

A major advantage of being a writer is the ability to start working at the comfort of your home, as long as you have Internet access for research and a computer in your home.

Journalism is slightly different from writing like in a situation where Raleigh Journalist ends up educating people about issues and events affecting the day to day life.

But the research of journalism is based with facts since it involves directly giving information to people watching Tv stations directly.

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