Tips on Staying Sober

An alcoholic is someone that is highly dependent on alcohol. Not being able to limit the amount of alcohol that you consume within a given time is termed alcoholism. Drinking alcohol in excess in a single sitting or to an enormous amount, daily is alcohol abuse. Doing this every day eventually leads to dependency. Dependency is unhealthy both mentally and physically, and it’s challenging to overcome.

These are the red flags that show one is slowly becoming an alcoholic. The signs include problems at work, drinking and driving, blackouts, legal problems and hurting others or getting hurt while drinking. Having a desire for alcohol and getting withdrawal systems is another sign of alcohol dependency. Withdrawal occurs when someone who was drinking before decides to stop. Withdrawal symptoms include sweating, nausea or anxiety. If the symptoms above seem too familiar to you then, you are an alcoholic, and the journey to sobriety is long but worth it.

A step in the right direction is accepting your situation and accepting that you need to sober up. You need to look at the bigger picture so that you can move past the doubts that will reel in the moment you put the bottle of alcohol down.

Start from a fresh palate throw out any alcohol and rid yourself of any trace of it. Choose being sober be your life project, think of it as a matter of life or death stance.

Engage in meaningful talk with your friends about how you are doing and be honest. Keep away from friends that take your situation as a fad and make fun of the idea..

You can join AA meetings, or if it does not vibe with you, take it upon yourself to find a group even through the internet that you feel you can be free with. Socialising will help you to meet people who have tips and ideas that can restore your life and help you to recover.

Take notes of every good thing that has been happening around you after you decided o take on this journey. If you enjoy spending time with your family, note that down.

Eat healthy foods and exercise. Destructing yourself will take your mind away from the alcohol. This idea will present positive impacts in your life. You will regain your strength back and start having more time that you can spend with your family and friends. There are very many things you can do to keep your mind occupied if the idea of exercising is not your type of palate. You can join a clay moulding class, poetry sharing, maybe take some photography lesson. Don’t allow yourself to be idle.

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