What to Consider When Choosing Call Tracking Software for Business

Plenty of factors must be considered when assessing call tracking software. It’s easy to pick a low-cost slick-looking solution while overlooking the unseen vital details.

Below are most important factors to look into before choosing call tracking software for your business:

Phone Number Coverage

The idea behind call tracking is publishing unique numbers on all of your campaigns. If you advertise globally, you have to make sure that your software lets you choose phone numbers (toll free/local) in the relevant country or countries.

Dynamic Phone Number Generation

Good call trackers are able to generate numbers dynamically for your campaigns. As you might imagine, doing this manually is inefficient and likely to produce inaccurate analytics.

Third-party Integration

You can derive more meaningful insights from phone leads with your call tracker integrated with other tools that you already use. For example, with your web tracker integrated with a web analytics tool, you can get insights on a caller’s browsing history on a website.

Flexibility in Customization

How you intend to use your call tracker may be different from how other businesses do. For example, if you want a screen pop-up or any other unique action triggered every time a call comes in, you should be able to add that feature over your service provdier’s API.


Once you have installed a call tracking solution, all of your customer calls will now pass through the infrastructure of your service provider. Therefore, you should choose a solution that promises high uptime and reliability. If not, you will not just lose leads but also credibility among your prospective customers.

Recordings and Transcriptions and Transcriptions

Call recordings and transcriptions offer helpful information about your prospective customers and their needs, and this helps you improve your products and/or services in a more useful way. Call recordings also reveal your sales team’s actual call-handling performance and allow you to provide relevant feedback as required.

High-detail Analytics

Your call tracker should cover you on all key analytics such as call time and date, call source, caller ID, etc. – all presented in real time. Moreover, you should be able to glean insights from historical data, such as call duration, repeat callers, call volume patterns, etc., which you can use to upgrade your marketing campaigns.

Cost Effectiveness

With all your incoming sales now coming in through your call tracker, make sure your solution offers affordable phone number and call minute rates. This could be crucial, considering you will have to pay for a lot of phone numbers as your campaigns scale up.

There are so many call tracking solutions nowadays, so don’t limit yourself to a single prospect. In fact, check out two or three providers and make comparisons before choosing the best.

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