Designing Cakes to Impress

A cake is a form of sweet dessert that has been prepared through baking which is a cooking method that uses prolonged heating mostly in an oven but hot ash or hot stones can also be used. When a cake is being baked, heat usually moves into the center of the batter or the dough from the top and bottom sides of the cakes forming a firm dry crust and a softer center of the cake. The main ingredients of making a cake usually includes flour, sugar, eggs, a liquid which can be either water or milk, a leavening agent such as baking powder and either butter, oil or margarine can be used. Other ingredients and flavorings used in a cake usually include fruits, nuts, extracts such as those of vanilla and icing which can be of buttercream or any other substance. Most people buy cakes for celebrations such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays among others.

Ingredients used in making a cake, as well as the techniques used in mixing them, results into different categories of cakes. Some of these cakes include chiffon cakes, butter cakes, coffee cakes, chocolate cakes, butter cakes, sponge cakes and many others. Sponge cakes are made using whipped eggs, sugar and flour where air is trapped in a protein matrix of beaten eggs to provide some foaming action that lightens and also softens the mixture. Chocolate cakes can be prepared like any other cake but they require some melted chocolate or cocoa flavoring so as to give them a chocolate taste. The batter or the dough used for making butter cakes is usually a combination of sugar and butter which are beaten for some time so as to add air into it. Different occasions can require a cake to be made in a given shape as well as to be decorated in a way that suits the occasion.

Making custom cakes is usually done according to the specifications of an individual which ranges from the ingredients to be used in making the cake, the design of the cake as well as how the cake is to be decorated. Custom cakes are always personalized and specific which is according to an individual who made the given order. A person can order a custom cake for any occasion including wedding, graduation, birthday among many others. Making an order for a custom cake before the day for any given event will be an advantage to the person making it as he/she will have enough time to make it according to the specifications and uniqueness set for the cake. The uniqueness of custom cakes enables one to embrace their creative vision of a cake and share it with a skilled profession who brings it into reality. Making the best custom cake is key hence one should always be very careful as well as pay key attention in details to make the best custom cake. Paying for any given custom cake which is unique gives the best value for the money offered.

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