How to Use the Whizzinator

The whizzinator is a male sex simulator which has a lot of purposes if well used it is mainly used by people who use drugs to cheat a drug test .The whizzinator is made up of a synthetic urine a syringe and a heater this is to ensure that the synthetic urine keeps warm body temperature.

There are different places where the whizzinator can be used this includes in movies as a prop. Where the actor can use it if he feels uncomfortable exposing his genitals in a scene or even when there is a scene concerning urination.

The whizzinator can also be used in the role-playing situation where if you require urine in the sexual act.But only synthetic urine is appropriate for the act you may use the whizzinator sine it is easy to clean up also.

Unlike the predecessor, the new version of the whizzinator works funnily since it only needs to be squeezed and there is a valve in the head of the organ which realizes the urine immediately unlike its predecessor which relied on the flipping of a switch which was detectable.

Due to its different colors and tones which can be able to cover the required the whizzinator is considerate hence skin color there is a whizzinator for Latino black white brown and turned skin color hence easy to mascaraed.

When buying the whizzinator there are a few things to check this includes there is an attached vinyl pouch which has a temperature strip this is to ensure that the urine is kept at room temperature the whizzinator is supposed to be worn like a strap.

There is also a valve of dehydrated urine in the kit this is urine where you can add water according to the instructions and put it in the pouch in case you want to use the urine also it should stay enclosed so that it does not get humid.

In the kit there is also a syringe this syringe has only one purpose in the whizzinator it is used to refill the pouch with the synthetic urine in case you want to reuse the synthetic male organ and you will want to be precise on where you will have to inject the urine.

There are four heating pads that may be used to keep the urine hot and in the body temperature for a few hours that you will require to be using the device after some time you can then remove the strap.

In order for the instruction in the kit there should be a manual on how to use the whizzinator this is to ensure that you have used the device correctly since if the manual is not well utilized you might end up using the whizzinator wrongly and destroying it.

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