How to Know the Accurate Information about the Features of the Best Saltwater Aquarium

When setting up a new saltwater aquarium you will need to research how to keep it safe for the fish. The main problem is usually that some of the available information may be inaccurate. Thus there is a need to differentiate between the myths and the facts about your new saltwater aquarium. The following are tips on how to differentiate between facts and myths when setting up a new saltwater aquarium.

Your aim when developing a new saltwater aquarium should be to replicate the oceans. This is because the fish are used to the conditions of the ocean. This means knowing how to heat the water for the moderate rise in temperature properly. You should know the rapid temperature changes can harm the fish. Therefore it is essential to learn how to heat the aquarium water properly.

It is a myth that all fish can survive in both saltwater and freshwater. Thus you should know that saltwater aquarium is only suitable for certain species of fish. Some fish species belong to freshwaters thus putting them in a saltwater aquarium will be harmful to them. This means that you will lose money if you put freshwater fish in your new saltwater aquarium.

The next thing you should research about is the levels of nitrates that can be harmful to the coral. You should know that in certain circumstances high level of nitrates may be harmful to the fish as they can cause ICH. If you see white spots on the fish it may be a symptom of ICH. One of the myths is that ICH can be spread through air which is inaccurate as it is usually spread through surfaces, toys or nets. There is a treatment for ICH disease which can be very fatal.

There is a common myth that all algae are harmful to the fish which is inaccurate. Even though the growth of algae shows that the saltwater aquarium is healthy it is essential to manage the growth.

Maybe you are planning to have both soft and hard corals, and you are researching on whether you require different lighting; therefore, you should know that you can use the same lighting are it is suitable for both types of fish. Therefore you should believe the myth that you should have specialized lighting for particular types saltwater aquariums corals.

Knowing an ideal temperature for the saltwater aquarium is the next thing you should research on. You should be get the ideal temperature range as it is yet to be established the temperature units that are most ideal. This means that you do not go above or below an absolute temperature limit.