Effect Of Your Diet On Oral Health

Any food, beverage or anything else that we put in our mouth have an effect to the oral health. Even the rings that we put in our tongue or the lips can have adverse effects to our teeth in the long run if you are not careful. Note that if you take the right food into our body, then it will have less effect on our dental health as diet is directly related to oral hygiene. You will notice that any time that you eat foods with a lot of sugars, or the drinks with more acidic content in them, then your teeth will be exposed to dental caries and tooth decay in the long run. It is essential to avoid those foods that have excess sugars as they contribute to the formation of plaque on our teeth.

When the teeth are covered with plaque; its coating is likely to wear off as the plaque produces acids which erode the teeth. When the enamel is destroyed, the tooth of the tooth is exposed which leads to dental decay. Gingivitis is one of the common effects of plaque and also there is a high possibility of having sensitive teeth or bleeding of the gum. When you are looking for foods or beverages to use each day, it is recommended to look for the one that has the necessary sugars which are required by the body for its various functions rather than choosing the one that will lead to dental caries and decay. There exist natural sugars in the fruits and vegetables that we eat, but it is advisable to control the simple sugars that area available in beverages such as soft drinks, ice creams, and candies among other desserts.

Even the people who consume the refined food products such as chips will also suffer the same as the foods contain sugars in excess which is not good for our dental health. Such bacteria if they are left for long in our mouth without brushing, they are going to produce bacteria which is responsible for tooth decay. If you are fond of using the sticky or chewy food items, then you are likely to suffer from tooth decay as the sugars from such items will stick on the teeth and they will accumulate with time thus leading to erosion of the protective enamel on the tooth exposing the root to adverse effects. Your teeth will decay fast if you keep on using beverages and foods that have more sugars acids as they will cause them to rot due to removal of the protective enamel layer.

Note that even the sports drinks have varying pH levels where some of them are acidic. The the easiest way to have good teeth free from decay and dental caries is though bushing our teeth thoroughly every day.

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