How Much Should You Spend on Clothing?

There are a lot of expenses to be budgeted in the house other than food and diapers for the young ones. One of the expenses that everyone should anticipate is the budget for clothing. It’s a given that kids grow up, sometimes too fast, that the need to shop for new clothes is almost always a need.

Here are a few things that most women’s magazine and online blogs would count as factors that would impact the way you allocate a budget for your kids’ clothing.


The amount of money you earn always has bearing over the expenses you make. Those households that are capable of generating higher income are likely to spend more on their clothing. These wealthy mothers would never allow their kids to be seen looking impoverished and neglected so they always go for high-end clothing style. They can shop at Nickis for those high-end, branded products that would reflect their status in the society.

Shopping at Nickis is not an option for families that are within the lower income bracket as they are more inclined to search for cheaper alternatives. They also don’t shop as much as wealthier families do as there are other important things to budget for.

Age of Children

Parents are likely to also consider the age of their children when they go shop for clothes. When they have infants, these parents are likely to shop more frequently as their kids can easily outgrow their old clothes. When kids start to play outside, parents are also inclined to shop for more clothes. Kids are likely to damage their clothes because they move around too much.

It is during teenage years that parents don’t have to worry too much about shopping for clothes. Shopping might not be a necessity at this age. The only thing is, if their kids are so into fashion, they are likely to always ask for new things to wear.

Age of Learning in School

Clothing may still create a dent on your budget, depending on which school you send your kids to. Exclusive schools would require a uniform and most of the time, these uniforms are not available elsewhere. When there’s just one source, the cost would likely be higher.

Peer pressure can also be a factor as kids wouldn’t want to be seen in school wearing the same outfit every day. You don’t really have to give to their request right away, it is always best to teach your kids the value of being thrifty and practical.

It is always a personal choice when it comes to the amount of money every parent spends on their kids’ clothing. Teaching them how to be pragmatic won’t hurt even if you introduce it to them at an early age.

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