Helpful Tips for Maintenance and Repair of the Septic System

It is important that domestic housing should be installed with a septic system that works efficiently. Failure of the septic drain field not only is inconveniencing but can also pose hygiene challenges to residents. The system could fail in case there’s accumulation of dirt that cause clogging. It’s therefore important that any failure be identified and rectified early enough. It is very expensive to replace components of the system once they get damaged. Below are listed some of the ways through which you can maintain your septic system.

Avoid Usage of Harsh Chemicals
Domestic use of strong chemicals such as bleach and detergents means that they end up accumulating n the septic system. Such chemicals are harmful to the useful bacteria that facilitate the decomposition of organic matter in the sewage. The result of such an occurrence is that the system will be slowed down and rendered ineffective. It’s therefore necessary that you avoid using these harsh chemicals that will eventually accumulate in the system.

Do Not Dispose of Solids in the Drain
Septic systems can experience clogging and blockage if solid wastes like food remains, sanitary towels, clothes and other material is deposited into them. Most of the solid waste which finds their way into the system come from the kitchen and the bathroom. In order to protect your system from such eventualities as pipe bursts and overflow of wastewater, you have to ensure that appropriate filters are installed at regular intervals on the entire piping system.

Flood Water Diversion
Overflowing rainwater can find its way into the septic system if not properly drained away. And floodwater normally contains lots of debris, including soil sediments, rocks and tree roots which could block the system. The floodwater drainage system should be separate from the septic system for them to work effectively. And the septic system should be designed in such a way that it keeps away any rainwater.

Keep the Septic Tank Clean
Waste water from domestic houses is usually accumulated in the septic tanks before being conveyed to the treatment plant. Some very tiny solid particles find their way into the septic tank, even when there are filters installed in the system to get rid of them. These will settle in the tank and eventually reduce the space if it’s not gotten rid of. Constant cleaning and of the septic tank will ensure that it retains its optimum working condition.

Get an Expert to Do the Repairs.
If the septic system fails, you have to get an expert in the field to repair it. This is because septic systems require careful handling. You cannot afford to gamble by getting someone with questionable credentials to fix the system for you.

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